To shed light on the growing interdependence between developers, designers, and business leaders in the technology-driven society of today. We aim to foster these crucial opportunities to collaborate for students before they enter the workforce.

BOLT represents an excellent opportunity to collectively make a difference in the Montreal business tech community and enable emerging leaders to pursue innovation in a whole new light.

Foster entrepreneurship and innovation amongst top undergrads.
Stimulate intensive inter-faculty collaboration to build McGill's business tech atmosphere.
Design, create and build an impactful experience for a real-life problem.

Founding story

BOLT was founded in 2018 by Nicole Shum and Thomas Villeneuve, two BCom students at the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management, based on the lack of integrated opportunities for STEM and management talent on campus.

At the undergraduate level, both Nicole and Thomas actively participated in hackathons and case competitions, inspiring their idea merging the best elements of both together to build a business tech bootcamp. Students could learn from industry professionals, explore within qualitative and quantitative fields of technology, and create a tangible prototype through a series of expert-led workshops. The problems they were solving for were real, and the intimate learning environment enabled unparalleled growth opportunities.

Nicole studies Information Systems and Retail Management, carrying work experience in B2B tech, start ups and marketing organizations.

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Thomas specializes in finance and computer science, and has worked in incubators, data analytics, and financial consulting firms.

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Our founders believe in the power of collective growth and constantly pursue measurable impact around the business tech student community.

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